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Industrial epoxy flooring Maricopa, AZ

Industrial floors typically receive a lot of use and traffic, from people walking, to industrial machinery, to chemical spills. Protect your concrete floor with our epoxy resin coating.

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Preparing and installing epoxy floors

Epoxy coatings for industrial flooring

Similar to commercial epoxy flooring, industrial flooring receives all the same benefits and advantages from the resin coating, but is used in industrial environments heavy traffic areas, chemical areas, and heavy equipment or machinery.
As it is commonly applied on concrete flooring, we need to prepare the floor before the resin coating can begin.

To prime the floor, we test for moisture on the surface, as well as harmful chemicals or any oil deposits that could react with the resin.

If the floor contains an existing coating, we may need to remove the old coating as well. Lastly, we will clean the floor because if this step is omitted, the resin may not bond and cure properly, thus resulting in a shorter lifespan.

One of the most important things our flooring contractor must do is make sure the temperature and humidity of the room is consistent. The purpose of this is to ensure that the resin coating will cure properly.

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Working with different industries

Epoxy flooring applications

Epoxy concrete flooring is not the only floor coating option. Other treatments for concrete flooring include sealers, polished concrete, and urethane. Each of these options have advantages and disadvantages and we will gladly find the right solution for your flooring application.

Wondering if epoxy flooring is ideal for your industry? We've worked with a lot of different industries, and you'll find epoxy floors in:

- healthcare facilities
- hotels and convention centers
- grocery stores
- research laboratories
- schools
- car dealerships
- data centers
- manufacturing facilities
- warehouses
- commercial kitchens

Epoxy floors are such a great, versatile solution in that it works on garage floors and commercial floors, big or small. So give us a call today and speak with one of our designers for a free estimate on your industrial floor project.

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