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We are flooring contractors that provide epoxy flooring services in Maricopa, AZ for your home or commercial business. We are experts in epoxy flooring and garage concrete flooring.

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commercial epoxy flooring installation
Give your garage a beautiful floor coating

The Leading Epoxy Floor Contractor

At Maricopa Epoxy Flooring, we’re your local small business epoxy flooring professionals. Operating in Pinal County, we help with residential installations as well as commercial and industrial properties with epoxy garage flooring, re-coating, resin coating, and metallic epoxy flooring. Whether you are looking to install a new concrete floor in your home garage, or need a polished resin floor for a commercial kitchen, with our wide expertise and licensed flooring contractors, we are able provide a beautiful variety of garage floor finishes and epoxy floor coatings.

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Our business is a team of licensed and insured professionals who have years of experience with all things concrete flooring, epoxy flooring, and resin floor coatings. We are a friendly, reliable company that puts a priority on customer service and puts ourself to high standards for completing any flooring installation.

When customers decide to give us a call, we listen to what they’re looking for, and we ask questions so that we can fully understand how to best give them a result that meets their vision. We offer our customers free estimates and competitive pricing up front so that they are well informed before moving forward with a purchase decision. When you work with us, you won’t find any hidden costs!

With our floor coating services, you’ll be able to choose from a wonderful selection of finishes that will be fit for every setting. From metallic, flakes, pebble stone, solid colors, and more, you love the look of your epoxy floor when we’re finished with it. When you’re looking to start a new residential or commercial flooring project, view our services below and give us a call when you’re ready to get started.

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garage epoxy floor
A garage floor coating for your home

Residential Garage Epoxy Flooring

We’ve provided exceptional residential epoxy flooring services for thousands of homeowners in Maricopa. We do more than work with garage flooring, even though it is the most common project we work with. For some customers, we have installed shiny new resin floors in kitchens, show rooms, and home gyms.

The benefits of an epoxy garage floor coating are amazing. They provide amazing finish and durability, and add value to your home. What we love most is seeing the finished resin coating at the end of the project, that looks smooth and shiny. With an epoxy floor like this, your room will become multi functional.

With every flooring or paver installation, we’re bring only our best flooring experts, and commercial grade equipment. We’re committed to delivering you a great final product, and that means we pay attention to details, work efficiently, and swiftly. We are constantly improving our procedures and our tools, so that we can keep providing better and better service to create happy customers.

So whether you are remodeling your home, are in need of an epoxy re-coating, paver sealing, concrete repair, or simply looking for ways to add value to your home, contact us today so can get the job done together and give you an amazing epoxy resin floor.

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Affordable concrete flooring

Commercial Concrete Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy resin floors in a commercial and industrial setting are a great investment. They are applied on top of concrete floors, which are commonly installed in schools, corporate offices, sports gyms, multi-purpose centers, warehouses, hospitals, factories, and even pool deck resurfacing. Concrete floor coatings are durable, and will stand the test of time from all that will be touching its surface. We have the experience to work with each of those industries and have a great selection of coating finishes that will make your floor look nice and polished.

We are fully equipped to install brand new floors, or repair existing epoxy floors if you already had one installed before. We give our business and commercial customers the same great service and attention to detail that we give to every customer, no matter how big or small the project. Our professional materials are high quality, and produce premium shine. They are spill resistant, and can withstand any chemicals that would otherwise ruin an unpolished concrete floor.

Your business's or company's floors are in good hands with our concrete contractors. Not only will you get top-notch service, but we take care of everything for you so there is never a need to worry. If you want to know more about our top notch floors, designs, and material finishes, contact us today. Our team will be ready!

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epoxy resin floor coating installation

What is Epoxy flooring?

Epoxy flooring is a resin coating procedure that is commonly applied on top of concrete floors in order to protect and extend its durability. Installation requires different layers of thermosetting resin, which when cured, can handle high impact and chemical resistance.

commercial concrete epoxy floor warehouse

Frequently asked questions about epoxy flooring

Can I epoxy floor my own garage?
If you consider yourself a handyman, or are looking to save costs by hiring one, there are DIY epoxy garage floor options that can be purchased. We do not recommend this for most customers because it can get very complicated and messy, if you are not sure what you are doing. To get the best results and longest lasting floor, moisture needs to be properly maintained in your garage, and you will need to make sure you are able to find professional materials.

Many store-bought kits contain epoxy mixtures that contains over 50% water, which dilutes the resin, making it thinner and weaker than the materials we use.

How much does it cost to epoxy floor?
Professional epoxy flooring service is an intensive process and there are several factors that affect the cost. On average, labor, equipment, and material costs can range from $3–$12 per square foot, for residential, commercial, and industrial. The total average cost of an installation can be anywhere from $1400–$3200. Depending on if you need concrete repair, or additional prep work, that can influence the cost as well.

What are the benefits of an epoxy garage floor?
Very easy to clean—No worries about maintaining a clean floor – epoxy floors are easy to keep because you can just sweep up any debris and, if it gets dirty again soon enough, mop or wipe down with some water.

Durability—Epoxy floors are durable and will protect your floor from scratches. There's no risk of damage with this product because it is so strong, whether you're driving on it or parking heavy equipment directly on it.

Very safe for use—an epoxy garage floor coating is a great option for those who want their hard surfaces to last. It's slip-resistant, shock absorbent and less abrasive than concrete or other industrial floors; it also has water resistance and can withstand spills like from harsh chemicals that would damage any other type of surface. They also have high heat resistance, which means it will perform better in case of a fire.

What are the disadvantages to floor coatings?
These are some of the things you need to be aware of with an epoxy flooring installation:
- The resin gives of strong fumes while it is wet, and those with asthma or other respiratory issues should avoid the area as much as possible.
- May have long cure times—while most garage installations can be used after 24 hours. Some installations may take up to 72 hours to fully cure, depending on the size of the project, and the type of resin used.
- Epoxy doesn't have any pores, which means it is very slipper when it is wet. This makes the working surface dangerous to those without the proper spiked shoes.

Our floor coating services

Our epoxy resin installations cover a wide range of situations. We are able to offer all designs and material finishes, so please view our services below and contact us to get a free estimate for your flooring project.

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Garage epoxy flooring

Add value to your home with an epoxy floor that will be super durable for years to come.

Commercial epoxy flooring

Give your commercial environment a professional feel with a concrete epoxy resin floor.

Industrial epoxy flooring

Protect the floor of your industrial space with an epoxy floor that resists abrasions and impacts.

Concrete floor repair

If you have an existing epoxy floor that has been damaged, let us help you clean and repair it.