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Concrete floor repair and epoxy reapplication Maricopa, AZ

If you have an existing concrete epoxy floor that just needs repair or a to reapply a new coating, we can help.

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Have an existing epoxy floor?

Surface repair for concrete floors

If your concrete floor is damaged, there are three common methods to repair it, all of which require a new coating of resin, or similar topping to polish it up.

If you see hairline cracks just on the surface of your concrete flooring, then a micro-topping treatment will work best. Micro-topping is a coating method that applies thin layers on the concrete using a trowel or brush. These layers dry quickly and will be ready for use in 24–36 hours.

Another affordable concrete flooring method is called stamped concrete surface treatment. This applies thicker layers than micro-topping, and is then textured by a stamping tool, which creates a natural stone or brick texture. Following this stamping procedure is the application of a sealer.

The third method for concrete repair uses what is known as self-leveling treatment. This can be applied to the majority of concrete floors and are used when there is deep surface damage. Applied layers are much thicker, sometimes up to 1 inch, and can gradually be smoothed into an existing floor for a nice transition.

You'll find toppings as a final treatment for self-leveling treatment—they act as the finished floor without requiring additional floor coverings. If you find that your epoxy concrete floor has been damaged, our experts can help repair it right away at an affordable price. Call us today and we'll be ready to help.

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