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Large commercial spaces and offices can benefit greatly from durable, stain-resistant epoxy floor coatings.

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Learn about the benefits

Advantages of epoxy flooring

Just like garage flooring, epoxy flooring is ideal for any commercial space because it is low maintenance and easy to clean. Here are some of its great benefits that will also add a lot of value and function to your commercial space, business, or office.

Chemical resistance
Epoxy floors are resistant to any cleaning chemicals that my spill on it and will not stain. Just wipe it up with a cloth and some water and the surface will be clean.

Abrasion resistant
Once resin coatings are fully cured, they bond to the concrete and form the protective layer. This hardened resin is shock resistant and heat resistant as well, so your concrete floor underneath will be completely protected.

Long lifespan
When properly maintained, epoxy floor coatings last for years, and may only need a coating reapplication if that floor receives a high volume of traffic.

Cost effective
Commercial epoxy flooring is affordable and a cost-effective investment. It doesn't require the same sub flooring materials as normal floors, which reduces installation costs. And remember, it lasts longer!

In addition to its durability, our epoxy floors are anti-slip, making it a top choice for commercial environments as well as industrial. Even when wet, the floor still has traction on it.

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Some things to be aware of

Are there disadvantages to commercial epoxy flooring?

We do not live in a perfect world, and for that reason, there are some things to keep in mind with epoxy flooring.

As commercial spaces have more square footage, the the process naturally takes longer. Materials used in mixing resin has toxic fumes. These may cause irritation in the eyes, throat, and lungs. When fully cured, epoxy resin does not pose any health risk.

We ensure that everyone on our team uses professional safety protective gear, and we make sure that the room we are working in is closed off until the floor is fully hardened.

Compared to garage flooring, which can usually be ready in 24 hours, the curing time for commercial floors can take a several days, because of the larger square footage. Epoxy flooring is not a floor in itself; it is a resin coating that must be applied to existing floors only, usually concrete or steel, and in some rare cases wood.

These are not considered disadvantages, per se, more just caveats to keep in mind before and during an installation. Once the floor is ready for use, there will not be any disadvantages that will affect its long term use.

When you're ready to apply a coating to your commercial concrete floor, contact us today and we'll get started!

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